Sound Affair Mastering

Real Analog Mastering For Vinyl, CD & Streaming

                                          About the Sound Affair Mastering Studio

Sound Affair Mastering is centrally located in Santa Ana, California. The studio was designed by Ken Rains of Ken Rains Audio Services.

The listening environment features optimized room acoustics and an accurate monitoring system. We have excellent analog and digital mastering equipment (take a look at our equipment list).

The vinyl cutting lathe sits on an isolated platform, so that it is detached from the rest of the room. Sound Affair features a customized Scully-Haeco disk mastering system. Only a handful of these cutting systems exist today. The studio also features the only complete Focusrite Blue mastering system in the United States. Please check out the full list of services we offer.

We look forward to serving you and making your experience a good one. Please review our rates and terms of service and then talk to us about your needs and budget.