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Equipment List

Our acoustically accurate mastering suite has been outfitted with the finest equipment, handpicked and designed for the special requirements of our mastering engineer, Ron Leeper. All mastering is done analog via our custom mastering console built around the Focusrite Blue Range mastering system. Our approach in using both analog and digital equipment results in the highest possible signal integrity with very low noise, distortion and a wide frequency bandwidth.  From rare, vintage analog, to pristine digital gear, Sound Affair is totally equipped to professionally enhance and refine your music.

Scully disk cutting lathe and HAECO electronics

Disk Mastering Lathe

  • Scully 600 series automated cutting lathe
  • Scully automatic feed control pre-amplifier
  • Haeco SC 2 cutterhead
  • Haeco SD 240 cutting electronics
  • Haeco PS 9A cutting amplifier
  • Haeco automatic advance ball

Analog Tape Machine: Custom Ampex ATR 102 (1/2" & 1/4" head blocks) with Dolby 363 SR/A noise reduction

Analog & Digital Processing Gear:

  • Analog & Digital Processing Gear:
  • Focusrite Blue 300 mastering module and controller
  • Focusrite Blue 315 mastering equalizer
  • Focusrite Blue 330 mastering compressor/limiter
  • Fairchild 602 high frequency limiter
  • Manley Massive Passive mastering equalizer
  • Focusrite Blue 260 and 245 24 bit Converters
  • Waves L2 Ultramaximizer
  • SPL 9629 de-esser
  • SPL 9530 tube vitalizer
  • ADR E 500 selective band processor
  • Haeco LX-1 elliptical equalizer
  • Eventide Eclipse signal processor
  • Alesis ML-9600 High Resolution Master Disk Recorder
  • HP 1208B XY display
  • UREI 1122 Transcription phono preamplifer
The Sound Affair mastering Focusrite console
Analog mastering equipment

Workstation: Steinberg Wavelab 9.0

Monitors & Amplification:

  • Bi-amped Tannoy system 15 DMT-II monitors
  • Tannoy XO 5000 time align crossover
  • UREI 6500 mono bloc power amplifier
  • UREI 6250 power amplifier
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