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 Terms of Service

Sound Affair offers a wide range of options and services such as mastering for vinyl, CD, lacquer disk cutting, audio restoration, archiving, tape transfers and audio preservation. We know your project has specific needs and requirements and welcome you to contact us by phone, email or fill out the Request a Quote form here... or contact us today for a studio brochure and our rate card. This way you can choose what is best for your particular needs in the most cost efficient way.

You may use our secure FTP online mastering service, or  [Upload here...] or send us a link to your Dropbox and we can download the files from there. Completion of your project is estimated at 3-6 days following the receipt of your materials and deposit.

Mastering for Digital, Streaming and CD

Rates will include include: CD text and ISRC number encoding. One production master CD and one reference CD for approval of mastering, or one encoded master file for streaming. Alternate versions of any track mastered within the same session such as an extended or alternate version, instrumental, or performance tracks must be delivered at the same time as the main version.

Revisions & Changes

When you receive your first reference CD or file, you may want to request a change to the mastering. Sound Affair will provide two sets of revisions for you at no charge. Changes to the mastering upon your suggestions will be scheduled and completed as quickly as possible and you will receive a second reference or file for approval at no charge. 

Lacquer Disk Mastering

Rates for vinyl record mastering, acetates, and dubplates are based upon your supplied audio source and will be transferred directly to the lacquer disk with no additional mastering work. This is referred to as a "flat cut." Mastering services are available for lacquer masters, reference acetates, and dubplates. Sound Affair Mastering recommends a reference acetate of your project which can be reviewed in your own listening environment. Each album or single for vinyl record manufacturing requires two lacquer masters (one is cut for each side).

For more information about our disk cutting services, contact  us by phone, email or fill out the Request a Quote form here...

or contact us  for a studio brochure and rate card.

 Record Pressing Services

Records are pressed in black vinyl. 7" pressings can be ordered with small or large center hole. Minimum 500 label purchase with the excess returned on smaller orders. Other pressing quantities can be ordered in any amount from 100 to 2000+. Full color labels and color jackets with a gloss finish are available for 7" and 12" records. Also available are colored records in marbled, red, white, green, blue, clear, or (non-metallic) gold vinyl.

For more information about our record pressing and printing services, turn around times and shipping costs, contact us by phone, email or fill out the Request a Quote form here...

Analog Tape Baking

Similar tape formats can be baked as a batch. A batch would include as many of the same width reels of tape as space allows. For example, several 1/4” reels or 1/2” reels can be baked at the same time. We cannot combine different tape widths in the same batch. For larger projects, a block rate is available. For more information contact us, or go to our Request a Quote page here... 

Terms & Conditions

Order form must be submitted to Sound Affair Mastering and a deposit of 50% is required before starting your project. Balance is due upon completion of the work. Sound affair LTD reserves the right to withhold all masters and session files until the full balance has been paid and the funds have cleared. Sound affair LTD will not be liable for any damage or loss of tape, masters, disks, equipment, or other items stored by the client at Sound Affair. Sound affair LTD will store the project files of your finished master for one (1) month after project completion. Sound Affair Mastering accepts all major credit cards through PayPal, company checks and money orders.

Privacy Policy

Sound Affair Mastering has always been committed to maintaining the accuracy, confidentiality, and security of your personal and corporate information. We have established Privacy Principles to govern our use of customer information.

Sound Affair Mastering does not sell, share, or distribute customer information to any third party organization.

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