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Refining Music For Over 4 Decades

Analog and digital mastering for all formats

Learn about the studio, our equipment, and how we work.

 Mastering for vinyl, cd, streaming and digital

Get the details on our mastering services for Vinyl, Digital, Streaming & CD.

Vinyl mastering for record pressing

All the info about our lacquer disk cutting services for vinyl.

Restoration and remastering and audio transfers

Find out about our preservation and audio transfer services.

Your Mixes Deserve the Best Mastering

Ron Leeper of Sound Affair Mastering has been recording, mixing, and mastering for over 40 years. You’ve heard his work, even if you don’t know it. He has had the pleasure of working for some of the top record companies, artists, and studios in the country, as well as bands and artists who are just getting started. His expertise in mastering is informed by his skill and experience as a recording and mixing engineer. This makes him an invaluable partner in mastering your album. He approaches every project with the highest level of creativity, artistry, focus, professionalism and personal service.

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