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Internet Mastering Scams

I’ve written about this before, however it is worth repeating. It is not my intention for my blog to be negative in nature, however maybe I can help others avoid being the victim of an internet scam.

Once again, I spoke to a band member, who had fallen victim to an Internet mastering scam. This scam involves uploading the music to be mastered to studios that advertise “discount” or “low budget” mastering services. Payments for mastering services are often made in advance, and it is not unusual for deposits to be requested for mastering services, so I am not suggesting that this was a red flag, but unfortunately the victims never hear from the studios again. After several email attempts by the victims, they do not receive any response at all, and many of these facilities do not have a phone number to contact them.

We all know there are music industry and Internet scams everywhere. Don’t become a victim of Internet fraud. Do your homework and find a mastering facility that has a long track record and is a legitimate studio. Telephone the mastering studio and ask to speak to the mastering engineer. Ask questions and develop a relationship with them. A legitimate facility will be happy to speak to you and discuss the best process for mastering your project and the pricing options available. 

This is your music and you have put a lot of hard work, time and money into it. This is the most important and the final stage of your music. Don’t skimp on this final step.

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